The Denny’s Autobody Racing Team is a family oriented racing team that is committed to competitive drag racing on a national level. Year after year we have place ourselves in the top echelon of a very competitive class.

Our dedication and spirit has been the key to our success and we expect nothing less for the 2006 season. Our goal is to win the 2006 NMRA Championship and to race competitively at other national events.

The Denny’s AutoBody Racing team tunes exclusively on their Dynocom Chassis Dynamometer!

1993 Ford Mustang 5.0
Set the National Record of
11.39 @116 Placed #1
at the World Ford Challenge 8




NMRA Pure Street Car and
Drag Radial also added for 2006!
Both with help from Laferriere Racing


Publication: RACEPAGES January, 2007 – Page 26



Also Featured In :
NMRA Race Pages, Oct. 05, Pg. 58-61
Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, Oct. 05, Pg. 83
5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords, Nov. 05, Pg. 80
NMRA Race Pages, Sept. 05, Pg. 60-61
5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords, Jan. 07, Pg. 74


Sponsorship is a crucial element in competing on a national level. Enormous resources are required to build and maintain a competitive team and commit to the grueling travel schedule that traverses a great part of the country.

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